Our Partners

WMS Advisors, LLC maintains strategic relationships with both Loring Ward Financial, Inc. (LWI) and Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA)

WMS Advisors, H. Beck. Inc., Loring Ward, and Dimensional Fund Advisors, are all non affiliated and are separate entities.




For almost three decades, Loring Ward has provided portfolio management services to a select group of America's most knowledgeable and successful independent financial advisors and their clients.  Loring Ward provides WMS Advisors, LLC with the highest level of service including client reporting, portfolio management, operational processing, securities trading, and educational and training support.  These services allow us to spend more time with our clients, and less time on the day-to-day operational details.

Loring Ward's Investment Committee includes Nobel Laureate, Dr. Harry Markowitz and Behavioral Finance pioneer, Dr. Meir Statman.  The Investment Committee provides exceptional knowledge and experience in helping our clients attain all their investment goals.

Founded in 1990, Loring Ward is a third-party portfolio management firm headquartered in San Jose, California.  They manage over $17 billion in assets as of March 2018.





Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) is a leader in developing asset class portfolios for institutional investors and independent investment advisors.  Dimensional Fund Advisors' investments and securities are designed to help our clients improve performance through diversified, low-cost, and tax-efficient investment solutions.  These investments are not available directly to individuals but are limited to a select group of financial firms like WMS Advisors, LLC.  Our relationship with Dimensional Fund Advisors is based on shared views about how capital markets work and how best to provide clients with successful investment experience.

Since the firm was founded in 1981, DFA has continued to work with some of the world's leading financial economists to develop and enhance its strategies.  As of June 2018, DFA has $582 Billion under Management.