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The Williams Group


Our group was originally formed in 2001 when Dave was an OSJ (Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction) at IFG Securities based in Atlanta, GA. In 2003, Dave brought a group of twelve reps to H. Beck, Inc. (HBI) located in Bethesda, MD. The group has now grown to 24 independent advisors located in MD, VA, & DC. Dave currently acts as the production group leader supervising investment activity and holds the following licenses:

  • Series 6 -   Investment Company Products/Variable Contracts Limited Representative
  • Series 7 -   General Securities Representative
  • Series 24 - General Securities Principal
  • Series 51 - Municipal Fund Securities Principal
  • Series 63 - Uniform Securities Agent
  • Series 65 - Uniform Investment Advisor Law


Sandy Sakala, our rep liaison, and a former holder of the Series 24 – General Securities Principal registration, has over 14 years experience with our firm and over 20 years of total financial services industry experience. Sandy’s primary function is to assist our production group reps with operational issues and to help facilitate relations with the broker-dealer.


Our best fit in a potential rep is one that already has an established practice, usually in the accounting, legal or insurance fields and is looking to expand into the financial planning and investment advisory areas.  Having ‘been there and done that’, we think we're in a unique position to counsel and grow this type of rep as they make this transition and build their practice. 


Below we have highlighted our group dynamics and the ongoing benefits that we offer our members:


  •   2 Individual Registered Investment Advisory Firms
  •   3 Series 24 - General Securities Principals
  •   5 CFP® Practitioners
  •   8 CPAs
  • 10 Series 7 – General Securities Representatives (the remainder are Series 6 – Investment Company/Products/Variable Contracts Limited Representatives) 
  • 14 HBI Investment Advisor Representatives
  • 17 Insurance Licensed Professionals
  • 21 Producing Reps
  • Annual Rep Production Range: $1,000 (new reps) to over $400,000
  • Average Annual Production Per Rep: $105,000
  • Location of Rep Offices - MD, DC & VA - we are however, interested in establishing rep groups across the country


Additional Group Benefits:


Payout Grid - We follow H. Beck's grid up to $150,000 of annual production then move from an 85% payout to 89% in roughly .5% increases for every additional $25,000 of production.  At present, our top payout is 89.5% for roughly $400,000 of GDC.  We also offer semi-annual payout reviews; so if a rep reaches the next threshold on our payout scale by mid-year, we’ll submit a payout increase request at that time. However, if a rep’s production decreases during the year, we won’t request a reduction in payout until the calendar year is complete.


Meetings – We have at least one face to face rep meeting each year and try to always offer continuing education for CPA, CFP® certification, and insurance licensing at these meetings.  We supplement these meetings with quarterly conference calls during the year to discuss practice management, compliance issues, new products, case studies and related issues that our reps request or we feel may be helpful. Since we’re located just a few minutes from HBI, we also have the ability to utilize their state-of-the-art training room facility for large group meetings.


Best Practices / Web Portal – We make virtually every process that we use in our office available to our reps from practice management to investment and financial planning applications. Any internal forms that we've developed in-house are available to our reps via a dedicated web portal in editable format. 


Rep Events - We try to plan periodic events to keep the reps in touch with each other to facilitate idea sharing and relationship development. The idea is to foster information sharing and help minimize the natural tendency toward competition among investment professionals. 


Newsletter - We provide a quarterly email newsletter that features practice management tips, compliance issues and new product suggestions. We also recognize our top dollar and percentage leaders each quarter so even smaller producers can participate.


Transition - Although we don't directly assist with the paperwork aspect of transitioning clients or processing specific business, we do provide advice and assistance to facilitate the process and in most cases, HBI’s staff is able to help with any transition issues.


Ongoing Support – We are typically the first call many reps make with regard to compliance, operations, and software issues, alternative investment ideas, and unique client cases.  We assist with Morningstar portfolio analyses for new clients, provide emergency back-up for individual reps when needed, and offer pre-audit office inspections and custom designed checklists to prepare reps for their first annual office audit.

As you might expect, the above benefits cost us a great deal of time and money, but we feel that it truly makes our group unique and provides a place where an independent rep, perhaps alone in their individual offices, can really feel like they're a part of a larger organization where they can exchange ideas with others on a variety of subjects without the fear of competition or of breaching their client's confidentiality.

If you are a current Independent or H.Beck Representative interested in joining The Williams Group or if you would like to learn more about how our group can help you to grow your practice, please give us a call or contact us at